Standort Marl - Anfahrtbeschreibung

From Düsseldorf Airport to the Marl Chemical Park ("Chemiepark Marl")

Marl Chemical Park
Paul-Baumann-Straße 1
45764 Marl

Exit the airport following the blue "alle Richtungen" sign

Immediately after exiting the airport stay left following the blue highway sign to the A3, 52 and 44

After estimated 5 kilometers take the A52 towards Oberhausen

After estimated 10 kilometers on the A52 take the A3 towards Oberhausen ("Kreuz Breitscheid", exit number 25)

After estimated 24 kilometers continue on that highway which becomes the A 2 towards Hannover/Bottrop

After estimated 13 kilometers take the B 224 towards Gelsenkirchen, Gladbeck, Marl

After estimated 7 kilometers the B 224 becomes the A 52 (blue highway) towards Muenster

After estimated 11 kilometers exit the highway A 52: Marl Zentrum/Drewer (exit number 48). (Please ignore the sign to CHEMIEPARK at Marl-Brassert exit)

At the top of the ramp go right to the CHEMIEPARK. Head straight on at the traffic lights, and just afterwards follow the road round to the right. At the T-junction go straight ahead to the visitors parking area.
Walk to the security office ("Tor 1") for entry pass.